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AI Sports Nutrition : Cynostane Prohormone

Perfect 'first cycle' prohormone Goal: Build MuscleLowest side effects of any prohormone Highest anabolic to androgenic Ratio Great for recomping and fat loss Ideal for beginner Ultra fast recovery during PCT

Darkside Pharma : Rock Prohormone

Lean, dry muscle gainer supplement Goal: Build MuscleIncrease dry muscle gains No aromatisation - so no estrogen based side effects No water retention or bloat Fuller and harder muscles Increased sex drive and performance Powerful prohormone

Epistane Prohormone

The return of a legendary PH Goal: Build MuscleLean, dry muscle gains - no water retention or bloat Dramatic strength increases in the gym No conversion to oestrogen, anti-oestrogenic properties Less severe side effects than other, harsher prohormones The option to stack with a non-methylated PH

Fusion supplements : Andro-1T Prohormone

The best PH stack of all-time returns Goal: Build MuscleCombines the active in Androtest + Nano 1T Increased strength, muscle mass and recovery Cyclodextrin bonded for greater absorption No estrogen, DHT or liver related effects Non-methylated prohormone stack 3-6 week cycle for optimal results

Fusion supplements : Andro-Deca Prohormone

4AD + 19-Nordiol PH Stack Goal: Build MuscleLegendary 4-AD + 19-Nor Stack The PH version of the test/deca stack Maximises anabolic processes while minimising androgenic effects Does not require liver support Suitable for users reluctant to take more androgenic prohormones Suitable for males aged 21+ only

Fusion supplements : Androtest 4-Androdiol

The ultimate testosterone solution Goal: Build MuscleRapid muscle and strength gains The number 1 solution for super-high test levels Cyclodextrin technology maximises testosterone output The perfect choice to add as a stack to other prohormones Non-methylated Supports libido Enhances wellbeing and recovery from exercise

Fusion supplements : Halodrol Prohormone

Prohormone to East German designer anabolic Goal: Build MuscleImpressive gains in strength and muscle mass Reduce body fat Ideal prohormone for beginners Excellent value Zero oestrogenic effects

Fusion supplements : M1, 4ADD Prohormone

The prohormone to DBOL! Goal: Build MusclePerfect mass builder for those needing gains quick Anabolic in its own right, M1,4ADD converts to dianabol in the body! Huge mass and strength gains Supports alpha male characteristics like sex drive Can be used for short cycles of under 4 weeks Reintroduced and exclusive to Fusion Supplements

Fusion supplements : Nano 1T Prohormone

Perfect prohormone for lean mass gains Goal: Build MuscleThe perfect prohormone for lean mass gains with no water retention Superior absorption to even topical formulas No conversion to estrogen or DHT for those concerned about side effects Rapid muscle and strength gains with increases in muscle of 1kg per week easy to achieve Demolishes plateaus in strength with one tester gaining 50kg on their squat in an 8 week cycle Can be combined with Androtest or Nanodrol for those wanting to look like a mutant!

Fusion supplements : Nanodrol Prohormone

The strongest prohormone of all Goal: Build MuscleNano-particulated for explosive gains Exclusive to Predator Nutrition Unique delivery method drives faster muscle gains Considered the strongest prohormone of them all No conversion to estrogen Incredible strength gains Much stronger than Methyl-Stenbelone

Fusion supplements : Phera Prohormone

Old school PH for monstrous size Goal: Build MuscleRapid acting mass builder Significant gains in strength 3-4 week cycles only Potent enough to use without stacking other PH's Essential to run with TUDCA or similar on-cycle products Not one for beginners to PH's

RPN : Havoc Prohormone

Highly anabolic Epi based prohormone Goal: Build MuscleFor maximum strength and lean mass gains Minimal side effects Completely non-estrogenic Ideal for cycles of 4-6 weeks Can be stacked with Androtest for explosive gains in size.